Property law is a thriving area of practice, especially during periods of economic boom. The value of land, as an immovable asset, has always been high throughout history and there will always be a market to buy, lease, sell, or develop it.

As a lawyer in this field, you could work on residential or commercial property matters, or you could do both. Commercial property work can be further divided into private and public sector projects. If you get your teeth into property law, you might provide legal services for individuals, groups, companies, investors, developers, public bodies or governments. .

What does property law involve?

For most people, purchasing a property is the single biggest transaction they will ever make. Often, they will commit to a large level of debt, which they may be paying off for the rest of their working life.

As a property lawyer, you could be involved in many types of property-based transactions. At the start of your career, you will work on drafting contracts and related documents and progress towards negotiations between parties. In most firms, junior lawyers often handle small value property matters on their own.

A number of people in property law choose to specialise, whereas others prefer to be general practitioners and work in all areas of property.

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